Burt's Bees Hong Kong


Most bees hibernate during the colder months but not for honeybees. They remain active all winter long. Just like the hard-working honeybees, you and your beloved ones are deserved to get rewards from nature in this thankful holiday season. From Lip Balm, Face Care to Body Care, choose from a great variety of natural and lovely gift sets that satisfy every of your beloved ones on your list. Take this precious moment to extend your love, care and thanks to them.

Our honorable Queen Bee – you deserve the warmest wishes brought by nature.

A real sweet treat for your lips
Pampering products from lip to hand
Natural nourishing your skin
A lip-lover duo for your kissable lips
Let nature kisses your lovely lips
A natural win for dry skins
Quench your skin's thirst
Everything you need for your baby, naturally
Discover nature's best for baby