Our Philosophy


Pamper your skin with natural sources can help your skin look beautif

The natural ingredients that Burt's Bees source for our formulas aren't born in test tubes. In nature, plants have evolved for billions of years by adapting to changing seasons and environments. As they evolved, they developed their own "chemistry" to thrive. Make the most out of nature's science, by pampering your skin with these natural sources. Formulas from Burt's Bees take advantage of plants' natural evolution to help your skin look beautiful.

Botany for Beautiful Skin

A plant has many parts – flowers, leaves, stems, roots, seeds – that can provide distinct functions and benefits to your skin. We select the most appropriate ingredients and their specific parts to address your particular skin needs. Let us introduce a few of the ingredients.

Clary Sage grows in the harsh windswept hills of the Mediterranean. It blooms beautifully with pride and has an exceptional ability to capture and retain moisture.
Cotton’s soft and natural properties helps soothe the skin. Oligomeric sugars in its fibers naturally retain water, helping with skin hydration.
The extract of wild, white daisy has an incredible efficacy to reduce the appearance of dark spot and dullness and lead skin to become more bright and even.