Nourish the Life of your Skin

Discover the benefits of nutrient-rich Royal Jelly.


Your skin is beautifully alive. It’s a living, breathing thing—your body’s largest, loveliest organ—and when it’s healthy, it shows.

Just as the right mix of foods from the earth nourish your body, the right mix of ingredients from the earth help nourish your skin, giving it a fresh vitality that comes from balance.

From the care taken in selecting each ingredient, to the feeling you get from using them, our formulas nurture the life of your skin.

We harness the power of nature to help your skin work beautifully.


Burt’s Bees Skin Care Philosophy | 2:16

The Skin Cycle: A Two-Week Life

Just like everything in nature, your skin has a life-cycle. New cells are born at the bottom (basal layer) of the epidermis, and live for approximately 28 days, moving up until they reach the outermost layer. They stay on the surface, absorbing moisture and forming the hydro-lipid barrier.

This protective layer of oil, water and skin cells has a brick-wall structure (kind of like a bee hive!) and acts as a barrier to the outside world, keeping natural moisture intact and protecting the delicate process of cell renewal taking place below. And by nourishing skin with the moisture it needs, we can help maintain a strong and beautiful barrier.

Our Skin is Amazing!

  • It forms the barrier between your internal body and the outside world.
  • It helps regulate temperature.
  • It plays a key role in immunity.
  • It helps release toxins through sweat.
  • It senses your environment and lets you connect with others.


Well-Balanced Benefits

It’s our belief that when the skin lives in balance, it shows—skin is radiant and healthy-looking. That’s why we test our skin treatment formulas at 4 and 8 weeks (2 full cycles) to ensure we see balanced results and ideally, improvement over time. The result? Your unique brilliance, balanced by nature.


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