Nature as Laboratory

Discover skin care solutions rooted in nature.

Innovate Outside

The natural ingredients we source aren’t born in test tubes. Why would they, when nature has billions of years of research for us to tap into! Blooming and evolving, brilliantly and resiliently for ages, plants have had to continually adapt, developing their own chemistry to maintain vitality in the face of changing seasons and environmental conditions—dryness, humidity, sun, cold. Your skin weathers similar challenges over the course of its life.

Your Skin Is Evolutionary

You’ve evolved with nature, relying on the plants around you. In fact, human DNA is more similar to plants than different. For example, did you know that you share about 60% of the same DNA as a banana plant? The skin’s own oil, sebum, has similar components to certain plant oils such as jojoba oil. We select ingredients like these that are skin-friendly yet powerful. It’s like re-connecting your skin to its original, natural life-source.

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